5 programming languages developers love most, and 3 they hate

Spoilers: One coding language ended up on both the most loved and most hated lists, according to a Hired report.

Employer demand for certain programming languages may be strong, but that doesn’t mean developers always love coding in those languages, according to Hired’s 2019 State of Software Engineers report, released Thursday.

The report surveyed 700 software engineers on the Hired platform to determine their working preferences, including how developers feel about working in particular coding languages, and why.

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Here are the five most loved programming languages, and the percentage of developers who ranked it as one of their favorites, according to the report:

  1. Python (51%)
  2. JavaScript (49%)
  3. Java (37%)
  4. HTML (34%)
  5. C++ (23%)

While Python and JavaScript clearly take the lead in terms of most loved languages, developers reported more of a love/hate feeling when it came to Java: It ranked no. 3 on the most liked list, but also no. 2 on the most hated list, the report found.

Here are the three most hated programming languages:

  1. PHP (19%)
  2. Java (12%)
  3. Objective-C (11%)

When asked the biggest reason why a developer doesn’t like using a given programming language, 49% said that it was because the language wasn’t fun to program in, the report found. On the flip side, the biggest reason a developer said they love using a given language was due to the resources for learning and development available (74%), as well as community tone and willingness to welcome newcomers (58%).

Source: techrepublic