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A developer’s Academy to introduce you to the real working environment

Are you a Computer Science or Engineering graduate looking for the best way to enter the technology industry? Do you feel that you are missing the experience of a real working environment and working experience of the latest technologies and frameworks to help you find your dream job?

Agile Actors #learning Academy is a carefully created and tuned technology programme that offers:

  • Hands-on training combining in-class sessions and online material taught by the experts in the industry
  • A great learning environment along-side experienced Software Engineers in Agile Actors
  • Chance for an internship in a fast-paced customer-oriented environment in Agile Actors with a high chance to lead to a permanent position



Academy Tracks

.NET track

Enter the world of .net development with a hands-on programme covering topics such as C#, T-SQL, WebAPI, ASP.NET, Testing, Asynchronous programming etc.

Java track

Learn how to develop modern web applications using the latest technologies on the Java stack with courses covering topics such as Java Fundamentals, Object Orientation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Spring Boot, Rest, Microservices etc.

Front-end track

Learn how to use the latest Javascript technologies and frameworks to create modern reactive applications focusing on, HTML5, CSS3, functional programming, Javascript, Typescript, React or Angular etc.

Test Automation track

Learn how test automation bridges software development with testing by attending courses on topics such as Java, Selenium, Testing methodologies, BDD etc.

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