Code Cards: A game to learn How to Code

Code, in other words Coding is a term that we rarely use on ABDZ. Maybe because most of us are designers and designers shouldn’t right? We beg to differ but we’ll leave it for another article. How about a game that teaches you how to? Yay! It’s an interesting concept and giving a perspective of a game helps achieve the goal of learning new things. Even though, they don’t have any games left to buy, you can still print them yourself. From HTML 5, Ruby & Rails, CSS and Javascript, you get an overview of it all. Encouraging so I’ll give it a try myself, I just need to find a couple of designers!

Behind the product, we have the mighty folks named Carlos Lagrange and Mario Gintili who created Code Cards. They are a combination of a designer and of course a developer, Code Cards was made back in 2014 and the final limited run of our original Code Cards was all sold out on March 2016. You can still download/print them yourself.

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