Code Recipes Now on GitHub – 5,000+ Recipes for Python, Perl, Ruby and More


A wealth of code resources from ActiveState is now available on GitHub! Curious to find out more? Come check out this post!

For more than a decade, ActiveState has hosted a vast repository of code recipes and discussions over at – but in recent years it began to seem out-of-sync with the way developers shared code. New users and recipe updates had to be disabled to prevent spam and yet there remained a treasure-trove of interesting and useful pieces of code in this archive.

So, as the first phase of our ongoing effort to update and improve our community sites, we’ve migrated the entire library of code recipes (more than 5K recipes, 15K files and a mind-boggling >700K lines of code!) to GitHub. It’s become clear that GitHub is the central repository where developers share code, and to make it easier we’ve transferred all of the recipes, along with their descriptive text and original licensing terms to our new GitHub repo.

As a result, the recipes repo is now back open-for-business, and anyone with a GitHub account can submit changes, issues, or new recipes in any language for inclusion. We have a Wiki where you can read the instructions on how to submit recipes or revisions, get updates on new developments, or browse the list of every recipe broken down by language.

With more than 4500 recipes, our Python code recipes collection is the largest anywhere, and there are recipes available in many other languages such as Perl, Ruby, and C. We’d encourage you to submit recipes in all languages though, and would love to see a new collection of Go, Node.js, or Lua recipes start to take shape in there!

This is only the beginning – we’ve got lots of great improvements and expansions planned for both the code repo and our community sites in general, so follow us for updates! Stay tuned for search, recipes hosted in your own repos, and more!

Head over now to the new recipes home at to learn something new or submit a great code recipe of your own!


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