Getting started with Accessibility

What is accessibility?

Accessibility refers to the fact that a product or service is able to be reached, obtained or used easily, while the notion of inclusion refers to the ability to have equal access to opportunities, resources, products and services for everyone.

Modern web applications should be designed and developed to be accessible by anyone and moreover, the World Wide Web Consortium has specified a set of guidelines that web content should follow to be accessible.

Accessibility Webinar

Find below the recording of our free webinar on Accessibility with Grant Broome from, Dig Inclusion to help you get started with Accessibility, covering the following topics:

  • Where do I start?
  • What does accessibility and inclusion mean?
  • Things that you need to know, including legal requirements, current standards and what happens if your products aren’t accessible
  • Breaking the ground – Getting a sense of where you are now (reality check)
  • Essential activities for Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Knowing that you’ve got things right

Bonus Material

Moreover, to help you get started with accessibility and digital inclusion, we have prepared a set of resources with best practices on accessibility when designing web content when it comes to different types of disabilities, channels and screens.

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