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In an ever changing tech world, embracing a mentality of continuous learning and professional development is the key to a successful career for any tech professional. This is a belief that has been instilled in me from my early days in University, to my research years at Imperial College London and IBM, and throughout my industry experience with several global tech players, such as British Telecom and OpenBet.

This journey around the world of technology has taught me that there are more people like me; driven by curiosity, lead by their thirst for continuous learning and the will to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve. This need brought me and Stamos Mazarakos to team up with the founders of Agile ActorsDimitris Livas and Alexandros Basakidis, and create Learning Actors.

What is Learning Actors

Learning Actors is the Learning Ecosystem for the ambitious and talented tech professionals. It is a learning organisation consisted of Tech professionals that enjoy teaching as much as developing software, testing applications or practicing Agile methodologies. Learning Actors realise that learning is a lifelong experience that does not end at university. We work and learn throughout our lives, and this is fun!

Who is Learning Actors for

Are you a junior tech professional looking for hands-on training on technologies and frameworks necessary to kickstart your career? Are you an experienced professional looking for exciting technical learning paths to boost your career? Then, Learning Actors is the nurturing environment you seek.

Are you leading an organisation that understands that training delivered solely online is not as effective as tailor-made blended learning courses? Are your developers tired of listening to training consultants without any practical experience? If so, Learning Actors is the training partner you need.

Our approach

We believe that learning should be delivered in a blended approach in terms of both content and method of delivery. A combination of online material with instructor-led sessions along with a mixture of theory with real-world examples and best practices.

Our trainers are not some full time training consultants that have not really used what they are teaching. They are Software Engineers, Manual & Automation Testers, DevOps Engineers and Agile Coaches that enjoy teaching as much as practicing what they teach.

Are all talented software engineers also brilliant teachers? Of course not, but we pick only those that are. And we offer them coaching to make sure they can get across complex notions just as well as they develop software.

Well begun is half done

We couldn’t agree more with Aristotle’s quote and therefore we are starting this wonderful journey with some very strong collaborations:

Learning Actors and Agile Actors are bringing Uncle Bob, the renowned software engineer and co-author of the Agile Manifesto, to give a keynote speech at Agile Summit Greece. What’s more, we are sponsoring a 2-day open Clean Code workshop, normally at 1400 euro, at the price of 700 euro to increase awareness among tech professionals on the importance of writing clean code.

We have developed a number of reskilling programmes for some of the largest financial institutions in Greece. Experienced legacy software developers are reskilled to .net, Angular 2 and React developers. Software Engineers are introduced to Behavioural Driven Development and test automation tools such as Cucumber and Selenium. We have developed a number of courses on Agile practices to help organisations in their agile transformation.

Learning Actors have also partnered with Alba Graduate Business School and the first outcome of this partnership is the “Young Achievers Learning Series”, a learning programme, sponsored by Hellenic Petroleum, aiming to prepare young talents for the Digital Era.

And this is only the beginning.

I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity and the challenges to come. After all, this is part of my learning path.

Do you agree with our approach? Any courses to suggest? I would really love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hello-world-we-learning-actors-george-tychogiorgos

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