Hone Your SQL Skills With These 6 Games

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Want an entertaining way of learning the popular database language? These sites will help you learn as you play.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a popular query language used in software development. It’s widely used with relational databases to process and store data.

As a data analyst or developer, learning SQL is a vital skill. You can structure and process data using various programming languages. While SQL is easy to learn, mastering it in real-life situations is challenging.

1. SQL Murder Mystery

SQL murder mystery landing page

Want to have fun while learning SQL? Welcome to SQL Mystery. This website makes it fun to learn SQL while solving a murder mystery using SQL queries and commands. They have mysteries for beginners to introduce you to concepts in a fun way. They also have more challenging games for advanced learners to solve.

The games begin with a history and definition of SQL and its concepts. After a good understanding of the query language, you can start playing the games. This is great for beginners with no knowledge of SQL.

To win the game, you have to help a fictitious police department to solve a crime. The crime occurred in SQL City, and the killer is at large. To solve it, you must retrieve a crime report from the police department database.

You have to search for clues in the database by running the SQL commands on the interactive code editor. If you got the killer’s name right, you would have solved the murder mystery and won the game.

2. SQL Police Department

SQLPD landing page

The SQLPD website takes you on an intriguing mission while teaching SQL. It’s an interactive site suitable for both beginners and advanced SQL learners. It has a simple interface with lots of activities that allow you to have fun while learning SQL.

As a learner, you get a mission brief detailing how to carry out the mission and submit the results. The site has several tabs, each with details that help you carry out the mission. The first tab is the brief section with details about the mission.

The second tab has the code editor which allows you to select the commands and find names in a database. The third tab displays the results from the code editor.

The fourth tab is a guide that reminds you of the SQL concepts that you need for the game. The fifth tab allows you to create a profile to enable the site to track your progress.

3. Select Star SQL

select a star intro page

This website is a good resource for SQL beginners as it requires little or no coding knowledge. Zi Chong, together with other contributors, created this interactive e-book.

The interface helps learners understand SQL by running queries against real-life datasets. The website is not just a reference page for learning SQL. Learners get to learn by practice. Zi Chong introduces SQL commands and explains when and how to use them to query data.

As a learner, you can access an interactive coding editor. Using the editor, you can practice by running the commands and seeing the output. You get to query real-life datasets which is an important way to get real-life experience in SQL.

Not only is the website free to use, but it’s also free of ads. You’re not required to register or download anything to use the site and start learning.

4. SQL Zoo

sqlzoo landing page

Sqlzoo is an absolute gem if you want to learn SQL by practicing. It has interactive tutorials that help you learn from basic to advanced concepts.

You can learn in stages with interactive tutorials and real-life data. It also comes with an interactive code editor. You can access a database and a quiz to test your understanding of the subject. You then practice by manipulating the provided data and seeing your results.

If you fail a quiz, they provide the right answer and the chance to try again. When you pass, they explain how they arrived at the answer.

You have free access to all website tools and resources. Once you feel confident in SQL, they provide resources to practice on projects. You also don’t have to register or download any tools.

5. SQL Bolt

SQLBOLT landing page

SQLBOLT has a series of interactive lessons and courses to help you master SQL quickly. You get to learn SQL while interacting with a real-life database.

First, you get a brief history of SQL and relational databases and their correlation. This background helps you understand the language and its origins better. You are then introduced to various parts of the SQL query and shown how to alter the schema using commands.

You can create database tables from scratch and manipulate existing ones. Each lesson introduces a new concept and includes an interactive course at the end of each lesson. Their interactive code editor allows you to practice with various datasets.

You learn at your own pace and experiment with different databases. If you are not a beginner, you can skip the basics and move to the more advanced concepts.

6. The Schemaverse

schemaverse landing page

The Schemaverse website lets you play a game implemented within a PostgreSQL database. You use SQL commands to command a fleet of spaceships.

You get to compete against other players, and the winner gets a trophy making it fun and engaging. You also have the option to use AI to command the fleet for you.

Schemaverse has a simple platform with several games for beginners and advanced learners. First, you must register and log in to play their games. On the site, you will have access to several games and other resources that guide you on how to get started.

The site has a tutorial page that details its background and how to use its resources. You will learn about the interface and how to navigate the planets and ships using SQL.

On Schemaverse, you learn SQL, PostgreSQL security details and have fun simultaneously. You can use any programming language that supports PostgreSQL to play the game.

They have 11 code samples that guide them on how to use code to execute the games. Schemaverse is open-source, so you can contribute to the game using their GitHub page.

Why Learn SQL?

SQL is a widely used technology in software development. Transactional and analytical applications use SQL databases to store and process data effectively.

The fastest-growing industries, like social media, finance, and data processing, use SQL databases. It’s, therefore, an essential skill to have in modern software development. You can begin with the games in this article and move on to advanced resources.

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