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Employees Onboarding

Create an employee onboarding program that will help you to hire quicker and get new employees up to speed faster. Start acting as a fast track into learning everything about the peers / teams / functions you will be interacting with on a daily basis, as well as the processes for doing so.

Learning & Training Journeys​

We understand that a one-time learning event might not be enough to lead to behavior change and improved performance. For this reason, we focus on the creation of a flexible learning journey, consisted of a variety of delivery modalities. We design tailored programs based on your key business goals by incorporating blended learning. ​​

Digital learning content creation

Our learning team design eLearning courses that match the needs and goals of your organization. We rely on a micro-learning approach for the content creation so that to provide smaller chucks of knowledge that can be easier assimilated by the learner. Main component of our eLearning courses is the interactive element; we incorporate audiovisual features, as well as quizzes and case studies that will engage learner and create a dynamic learning process. ​​​

End-to-end support & guidance from experts

Our learning experts adapt high-level learning approaches to assure transfer of knowledge. Aiming to narrow the theory-practice gap, they define which is the most appropriate learning strategy for knowledge assimilation and for providing an active learning experience. ​They assess learners’ performance through feedback loops​, promote social learning​ and ensure ongoing communication even after the end of the learning event. Our objective is learners to get involved in higher order thinking and develop their competencies. ​​​

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