Gamification has transformed the way we acknowledge learning in several ways. Digital badges is such an example. Digital badges symbolize the achievements of learners. A digital badge indicates an accomplishment, skill or quality that can be earned in many learning environments. Digital badges are nowadays being used for identifying and validating a rich array of people’s skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. 

Digital badges inspire new pathways to learning and connecting learners to opportunities, resources, and one another. Surveys have shown that digital badges:

  • Promote a continuous learning mentality,
  • Increase completion rates of learning programs,
  • Increase engagement within the community

At Agile Actors #learning we are committed to offering the best possible learning experience for our customers and we are convinced that incorporating elements of gamification and, specifically, digital badges is a big step towards this direction. Therefore, we have partnered with Credly and bring the power of digital badges to all members of our learning community; both learners and instructors. The digital badges issued through Credly’s Acclaim platform will act as a recognition of skills, achievements and contribution that each member of the community demonstrates. Through Credly’s Acclaim platform, you can claim, manage and share your badges in social networks, creating a digital profile of yours to connect with the job market. 

Digital credentials are an essential part of the modern learning experience” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “With its new digital credential program, Agile Actors empowers its learning community to more seamlessly connect skills learned with job opportunities“

From 1 November 2019 and onwards, we will be issuing digital badges for all members of our learning community, learners and instructors, depending on specific criteria that will be clearly stated on Credly’s Acclaim platform. As our learning offerings will be growing, the list of digital badges will be also growing to accommodate the learning needs of the tech community.

You can view our Acclaim company profile with the list of available badges on the page here and more information about the Digital Badges program here

Learn, earn and share your digital badges today!