Mindustry: A sandbox tower defense game

A sandbox tower defense game written in Java.

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Bleeding-edge live builds are generated automatically for every commit. You can see them here. Old builds might still be on jenkins.

If you’d rather compile on your own, follow these instructions. First, make sure you have Java 8 and JDK 8 installed. Open a terminal in the root directory, cd to the Mindustry folder and run the following commands:


Running: gradlew desktop:run
Building: gradlew desktop:dist

Linux/Mac OS

Running: ./gradlew desktop:run
Building: ./gradlew desktop:dist


Server builds are bundled with each released build (in Releases). If you’d rather compile on your own, replace ‘desktop’ with ‘server’, e.g. gradlew server:dist.


  1. Install the Android SDK here. Make sure you’re downloading the “Command line tools only”, as Android Studio is not required.
  2. Create a file named local.properties inside the Mindustry directory, with its contents looking like this: sdk.dir=<Path to Android SDK you just downloaded, without these bracket>. For example, if you’re on Windows and installed the tools to C:\tools, your local.properties would contain sdk.dir=C:\\tools (note the double backslashes are required instead of single ones!).
  3. Run gradlew android:assembleDebug (or ./gradlew if on linux/mac). This will create an unsigned APK in android/build/outputs/apk.
  4. (Optional) To debug the application on a connected phone, do gradlew android:installDebug android:run. It is highly recommended to use IntelliJ for this instead, however.

If the terminal returns Permission denied or Command not found on Mac/Linux, run chmod +x ./gradlew before running ./gradlewThis is a one-time procedure.

Gradle may take up to several minutes to download files. Be patient.
After building, the output .JAR file should be in /desktop/build/libs/Mindustry.jar for desktop builds, and in /server/build/libs/server-release.jar for server builds.

Feature Requests

Feature Requests


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