Angular Developer

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Available Sessions

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Coming soonEurope/AthensLive VirtualWeekdayPlease make an enquiry to schedule a new date for this course.2,420.002,750.00 final price

This is a 10 weeks (60 hours) hands on course. The course will teach you the knowledge you need to deeply understand and build advanced Angular applications.

The course is taught by Senior Engineers with several years of experience in front end and full stack applications.

Who should attend

  • Developers looking to learn Angular in order to be productive in the specific domain.
  • Developers who have researched AngularJS but still find it hard to manage.
  • Software Engineers wanting to improve their skills and career prospects as front-end developers.


  • Node.js and NPM basics
  • Javascript – ES6
  • MVC – basic understanding

What will you learn

  • Introduction and Angular theory – how it works behind the scenes
  • Basic building blocks and basics of Typescript
  • Components and data binding
  • Templates and pipes
  • Component interaction (master-detail, @Input, @ViewChild, etc.)
  • Services and DI
  • Unit tests 1
  • Unit tests 2
  • RX and observables
  • HTTP service
  • Routing and lifecycle hooks
  • Forms and reactive forms
  • TBD (including revisiting HTTP service, routing, forms, etc.)
  • Webpack and deployment
  • Production optimisation and other advanced issues (i18n etc.)

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