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Apache Kafka Operations

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This is now a virtual classroom course. You can find more information about our virtual classroom here


This is a 16-hour hands on course that introduces participants to the main Apache Kafka concepts.  Among others, participants are expected to learn how to setup, manage, optimize and integrate Kafka with their applications.

During this course, participants are expected to lure themselves into the Kafka platform and gain a strong understanding about Producers, Consumers, Streams etc. and how they can be utilised and coordinated to leverage the platform for their applications. The course is a hands-on course combining theory with practical examples and exercises.

Who should attend

This course is designed for:

  • Software Engineers looking for a crash course to provide the operations skills for running, debugging and optimizing their applications on Kafka platform.  
  • DevOps engineers interested in finding out how to set up, run and manage Kafka clusters.

What will you learn

The main concepts covered during the course are:

  • Apache Kafka Introduction and Motivation
  • Kafka Fundamentals
    • An Overview of Kafka
    • Kafka Producers
    • Kafka Brokers
    • Kafka Consumers
    • Kafka’s Use of ZooKeeper
    • Message Queues and Consumer Groups
  • Installation of Kafka
    • Installing and Running Kafka
  • Cluster Setup for High Availability
    • Kafka Reference Architecture
    • Brokers
    • ZooKeeper
    • Connect
  • Providing Durability
    • Basic Replication Concepts
    • Durability Through Intra-Cluster Replication
    • Writing Data to Kafka Reliably
    • Broker Shutdown and Failures
    • The Kafka Log Files
    • Offset Management
  • Managing a Kafka Cluster
    • Basic Cluster Management
    • Log Retention and Compaction
    • Monitoring
  • Optimizing Performance
    • Batching for Performance
  • Integrating Systems with Kafka Connect
    • The Motivation for Kafka Connect
    • Types of Connectors
    • Kafka Connect Implementation
    • Standalone and Distributed Modes
    • Configuring the Connectors


Next session has been scheduled for 13-14-15-16 October 2020, 9:30am – 1:30pm EEST.