Building a modern Data WareHouse on Microsoft Fabric

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Learn how to design, build and operate a modern Data WareHouse on Microsoft Fabric course will provide a comprehensive overview of data warehousing with Azure Synapse Analytics, from planning and design to implementation, maintenance and optimization. You’ll learn about key concepts like data warehouse principles, data storage data transformation and security.

Who should attend

This 32-hour course is for Data Engineers, Data Analysts and anyone who would like to learn about Data WareHousing on Microsoft Fabric.


Participants should be IT Professionals having a familiarity with databases and data warehouses.

What will you learn

During this 32-hour workshop, participants will combine theory with best practices and hands-on exercises on the following topics.

  • Data Warehouse Basic Principles
    • Introduction
    • Dimension tables
    • Fact tables
    • Star Schema
    • Snowflake Schema
  • Designing a Data Warehouse solution on Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Introduction to Cloud Warehousing
    • Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Design a Star or Snowflake schema
    • Designing Dimension tables
    • Designing Fact tables
    • Designing Data pipelines
    • Data types and Table types
    • Data Storage
    • Best practices for Fact and Dimension tables
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse on Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Implementing Dimension Tables
    • Implementing Fact Tables
    • Best practices for Loading Data
    • SQL and Apache Spark pools
    • Data warehouse developer features
    • Manage and monitor activities
    • Data warehouse optimization
    • Data warehouse security

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