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Docker and Kubernetes in Action

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A complete course for Kubernetes, the industry standard for deploying, scaling and managing containers in production which has one of the largest open source communities.

The course includes an introduction to Docker which is the most known container technology.

Who should attend

  • System Administrators
  • DevOps
  • Power Developers


  • Basic linux shell usage
  • Laptops will be provided but in case you bring your own, please install VirtualBox

What will you learn

You will learn:

  • what is a Docker container
  • how to build Docker images
  • how to manage Docker containers
  • how to run multi-container Docker applications with Docker Compose
  • how to run a Kubernetes cluster locally inside a VM on your laptop using Minikube
  • the kubernetes architecture
  • how to use all its major components
  • how to interact with it by using its command line tool called “kubectl” and its web user interface
  • how to use its package manager called “helm”
  • how to deploy scalable and highly available wordpress in kubernetes


Next 12-hour course is coming soon


The course is taking place in Agile Actors #learning premises, 62A Ethnikis Antistasis, Chalandri, Greece