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Integrating Agile and UX design

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As things move forward in product development, Agile has become the most popular software-development methodology. In this 1-day workshop, participants will learn how to integrate Agile and UX design, by evolving the process of digital product creation.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be in the position of feeling confident when being part of a Scrum team or interacting from various roles within an organisation applying Agile practices. This will be a hands-on 1-day workshop where learners will gain experience through co-working, interesting debates with the “dark side” and a little bit of coaching.

Who should attend

This course has been particularly designed for:

  • UX & UI professionals with no or limited experience in Agile looking for a way to optimise their collaboration within a Scrum team.
  • Product Owners & Scrum Masters (or Delivery Leads) working closely with UX & UI professionals in agile teams looking for ways to increase efficiency and collaboration within the team.

What will you learn

This 1-day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • What is Agile, how can we benefit by using it: With the help of our Agile Coach, participants will understand the Agile world (scrum, MVP, product backlog, user stories, sprints, scrum events, roles, etc) and deconstruct its principles in order to embrace what lies beneath.
  • How does User Experience Design (UXD) fit into the Agile environment: Participants will learn how they can use UX tools & methods optimised for Agile development. Learners will see how certain tools, artefacts and practices can help them integrate UX into the Agile world.
  • Combining Agile and UX to meet Business needs: Participants will learn how to excel in whiteboarding (not sketching, we’ll explain) and product envisioning before user stories, while being open to different perspectives and iterative problem-solving. They will also identify all the external factors – mainly strategic and organisational – that a UXer can moderately control. Finally, they will brainstorm together on an action plan through a group coaching session.


Next session will be on 28 September 2019, 10:00am – 6:00pm


The course is taking place in Agile Actors #learning premises, 62A Ethnikis Antistasis, Chalandri, Greece