Kubernetes in Action

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A complete course for the industry standard system for deploying, scaling and managing containers in production which has one of the largest open source communities.

Who should attend

  • System Administrators
  • DevOps
  • Power Developers


  • Basic linux shell usage
  • Docker
  • Laptops will be provided but in case you bring your own, please install VirtualBox

What will you learn

You will learn:

  • The Kubernetes architecture
  • How to run a Kubernetes cluster locally inside a VM on your laptop using Minikube
  • How to use all its major components
  • How to use its command line tool called “kubectl” and its web user interface too
  • How to use its package manager called “helm”
  • How to deploy scalable and highly available WordPress in Kubernetes


Next 2-day (8 hours in total) course is coming soon..


The course is taking place in Learning Actors premises, 62A Ethnikis Antistasis, Chalandri, Greece