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Object Oriented and Functional Programming in Javascript with React and Redux

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This is now a virtual classroom course. You can find more information about our virtual classroom here


This is a 4-day hands-on course covering Object Oriented and Functional programming in Javascript using React and Redux. You will learn the core principles and fundamentals of React. You will master how to develop and refine a sense for applying Redux for state management.

The course is taught by Senior Engineers with several years of experience in front end and full stack applications.

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone involved in software engineering, specifically front end, and particularly for:

  • Software Engineers wanting to improve their skills and career prospects as front-end developers.


This course assumes at least an intermediate understanding of Javascript.

What you will learn

During this 4-day course, you are expected to build strong understanding on how you can use Javascript and React to build declarative user interfaces. You will also learn how to manage state more predictably in your applications with Redux. More specifically, the topics covered during this course are:

  • Javascript
    • Declarations
    • Functions, Scopes and Closures
    • Objects, Prototypes and the meaning of this
    • Prototypes & Inheritance
    • Design Patterns
    • Functional programming in javascript (HOF, partial application, currying, etc)
    • Examples and Practice


  • ES2015
    • Declarations
    • Functions
    • Objects, Strings and Object.assign
    • Arrays, Maps and Sets
    • Classes and Modules
    • Promises
    • Iterators and Generators
    • Examples and Practice


  • React
    • Understanding JSX
    • React Component
      • Quick introduction to React Component (state, lifecycle, context)
    • Emphasis on the function stateless component
    • Properties and events
    • Refs: referencing the real DOM
    • Best Practices
    • Examples and Practice


  • Redux
    • The Redux MVC design pattern (unidirectionality)
    • State of the application and immutability
    • The meaning of actions in Redux
    • Pure functions and Reducers
    • The Redux Store
    • Integration with React. Provider and Connect.
    • Presentational & Container components
    • Best practices
    • Examples and Practice

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