Quality Software Development Course & Certification

Quality Software Development Course & Certification

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A 3-day course, developed in collaboration with the Software Improvement Group (SIG) to certify programmers who have the necessary skillset to produce high quality code.

Benefits to  Individuals

  • Software developers learn how to create consistent, good quality code from start to finish
  • Software developer teams can adopt best practices to produce maintainable software.
  • Software developers deliver demonstrably more value.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Gain a competitive advantage, by producing code that is better and cheaper.
  • Better code is cheaper. Initial development benefits from high maintainability from day one.
  • Sustainable business needs maintainable software: Cost and time-to-market are lower with higher maintainability.
  • Software quality is too often left to chance: Agreement on general direction, not on specifics.

Who should attend

  • Software developers with experience in Object Oriented technologies (e.g. Java, C#) wishing to learn how to create good quality code and how it may be used to enhance the quality of a software system within an organisation.
  • Software development teams who want to learn best practices to ensure they produce maintainable software.


Recommended 2 years of working experience in object-oriented programming language, or BSc in computer science or software engineering.

What will you learn

Set metrics-based standards. Ten guidelines that are clear, easy-to-follow, meaningful, and have high-impact on code quality.
Train developers to use these standards effectively. Through explanation, examples and exercises that are immediately applicable in the daily programming practice.
Train teams to organize their development process and quality control around these standards. Tools, techniques, practices to be applied by development teams to consistently produce high quality code.


Included in the price a voucher for PeopleCert Quality Software Development Foundation certification


Next 3-day course is coming soon.


The course is taking place in Learning Actors premises, 62A Ethnikis Antistasis, Chalandri, Greece