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Develop a powerful OKR system in your organization

Learn how to develop and implement a powerful OKR goal setting system in your organization via a combination of practical examples and best practices.

Who should attend

Anyone who is likely to be involved in the OKR structure such as, strategy planning, HR, managers, team leaders, directors, and leadership.

Successful OKR adoption and execution involves senior leadership from the beginning. Adoption at the top and leading by example sets strong grounds for the successful execution of a strategy built around OKR.

For larger organizations, OKR scalability is inevitable. Thus, a collaborative approach including leadership and middle management is key to the effective implementation and propagation of an OKR system.

What will you learn

During the 4-hour course you will learn about:

  • What is an OKR, its composition and different types
  • Good practices when adopting an OKR system
  • OKR patterns and anti-patterns
  • How to create your own good quality OKR

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