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Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow

This is a 16-hour course on Tensorflow. We will explore Tensorflow architecture and application programming interfaces to build machine learning algorithms and train then on a real world dataset.

During the course you will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Tensorflow
    • Present a small model end to end using Jupyter Notebook
    • Present a small model end to end using a python development environment
    • Introduction to Tensors and Operations
    • Data Loading and Saving Models and results using Tensorflow
    • Introduction to the Computational Graph
    • Visualize the Computational Graph
    • Debugging Tensorflow Graphs
    • Monitoring Training metrics
  • Developing Models from Using Tensorflow
    • Build a Neural Network
    • Build a Regression model
    • Build a Tree model
    • Model Evaluation
    • Deploying models for production use

All course material will be taught using a ready made development environment using Jupyter notebooks and Python Development Environment fully integrated with Tensorflow libraries and execution environment. Real world size and complexity datasets will be provided as well.

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