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UX/UI Fundamentals

The UX/UI Fundamentals 1-day course offers a first but solid glimpse of User Experience (UX). UX is an umbrella term that interacts, affects and is affected by a lot of fields and disciplines and UI is just one of them.

Participants of this workshop will learn how usability affects users’ experience and how we can ensure conversions. Moreover, the workshop will provide a very good understanding of how Information Architecture (IA) is connected with UX and what tools we have in order to evaluate and test it. With respect to those tools, learners will further explore the methods and artefacts that we can use to get to know users, the context in which they are using our product/service, understand their needs or monitor their behaviours, and test their ideas. Creating the processes for the above will be done using a design thinking approach. Finally, participants will dive into persuasion design & behavioural economics in order to ideate together how we may affect users’ needs and behaviours.

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