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Virtual Agile Self-assessments in Remote and Distributed Teams

Working in remote or distributed teams can be challenging. Distance and time differences make it more difficult to work together. Where communication tools have improved significantly over the years, they don’t really help us to find out how people think or feel or to establish a collaborative culture.

In this interactive free virtual webinarBen Linders will explore how we can do virtual agile self-assessments to reflect on the way of working in distributed teams. Playing the Agile self-assessment Game online, teams can dive deeply into how things are going and agree upon actions to improve how the team collaborates and communicates.

The Agile Self-assessment Game is used by teams and organizations to self-assess their agility. It uses an engagement model to involve people in the assessment to not impose change on people but instead enables them to pull in ideas for change and apply those in a way that best suits their needs. Join this webinar to learn how to play the Agile self-assessment Game in remote and distributed teams.

On November 19-20Ben Linders will give the online virtual course Continuous Improvement in Remote and Distributed Teams

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