George Adamopoulos

DevOps Instructor

I am a DevOps person who enjoys working at the boundaries between teams, bridging gaps and eliminating friction, mostly by undertaking tasks nobody else wants to do. If you have interesting problems and opportunities to work on larger scale projects and complex stuff, message me. I've been working in this field for 27+ years.

I have production working experience with AWS and Hetzner. In the past I have run workloads on Rackspace, Digital Ocean and 1and1. Terraform is my tool of choice for launching infrastructures. I have good experience with ansible and (standalone) chef. In the past I have used InSpec for compliance testing, but I need to brush up.

I run Kubernetes infrastructures (I hold a CKA certification) and I have extensive experience with complex Jenkins infrastructures. Aside that, I have good experience with Kafka, ElasticSearch, Postgres and Redis. In the past I have also worked with Spark, RabbitMQ and MySQL.

These days I am mostly programming with Python and Groovy (because of complex Jenkins pipelines). Golang is also a choice language (due to my Kubernetes expertise) and in the past I have also used Perl and C extensively and to a lesser extent Ruby. I am currently learning Julia and Swift. I would have loved to work with Erlang, but time is not infinite to cover all my interests. I have a long standing interest in parsing.

Running DNS and email used to be my thing. Once upon a time I was top sendmail user at ServerFault:

Years ago when I was doing security focused work, I was a member of ISACA and held a CISA certification. I have participated in NCDEX 2009, NCDEX 2010 and Panoptis 2010, 2011 and 2013 Cyberdefense exercises.