Nikos Batsios

Agile Instructor

Agile Coach, CSP®, CSM®, PSM I, AgendashiftTM partner, trainer

Is an Agile Coach with more than 15 years' experience in Software Development, half spent in serving and coaching teams and organizations to grow strong in understanding the agile values and principles while applying various practices in their working context. Believing that great teams can achieve astonishing results, Nikos is keeping his focus in creating an environment of quality-humane-relationships, that will further unleash the potential of individuals, enable teams to high perform and cooperate towards the same and shared organisation purpose. As a trainer he has trained multiple development teams , Scrum Masters and Product owners on various frameworks and practices. He is also a registered trainer with Greek Manpower Employment Organization.

You can read more about his thoughts on his blog Escape The Local Optimum and you can view more about his experience on his Linkedin profile