Vassia Yiannakopoulou

L&D Specialist

I am currently part of Eurobank’s People Talents Sector- Major Projects & Digital Learning Team, where I love learning and constructing knowledge, grappling with questions, and doing the intellectual heavy lifting as well as partnering with people who are inventively curious, creative and reflective.

Being an advocate of “culture eats strategy for breakfast", I have pure fun when navigating ambiguous situations and feel like thriving when conceptualizing, designing and implementing state-of-the-art projects that make a significant change to the professional life of people and are reflective of up-to-date knowledge of HR, learning and development and organizational design trends.

What I love doing ✌
▪ Facilitating highly complex and dynamic content while adapting approach and style to a variety of audiences
▪ Deep diving into learning technologies like LMSs, instructional design tools, web-based applications, graphic design, and multimedia educational products
▪ Working closely with SMEs, gaining business acumen, and understanding what is needed to drive results
▪ Constantly researching adult learning principles, corporate learning & development models, organizational design theories & instructional design principles
▪ Using data to influence decision making and learning solutions
▪ Storyboarding! I l enjoy creating imagery out of ideas, and presenting facts in an impactful way!
▪ All activities that require that level of artistry that allows a L&D Specialist to be passionate about writing and editing; including articulating technical topics to non-technical learners and visa versa.

Phrases I Live By ヅ
▪ Be nice to people.
▪ Campaign > train
▪ Beware of the unknown unknowns! You know, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.
▪ Trust+Freedom > Politics+Bureaucracy
▪ Make it great, but make it.
▪ With great scale comes great responsibility.
▪ Debate, don’t discourage. Disagree but commit.
▪ Oh, and again culture eats strategy for breakfast. ;)