Yiannis Mavraganis

Agile Instructor

Yiannis has been a member, for more than 16 years, of software development teams creating mission critical applications (customer relationship management, rule based decision systems, online payment services, mobile games etc...). Having worked in different roles (developer, team leader, architect, Scrum master, agile coach) in different environments (banks, telecoms, software vendors, startups, research labs) he knows every detail of the software development process. He can understand the fears and needs of developers, project managers and customers and the greatest joy for him is to see happy faces after every release.

Passionate with agile and lean principles, he is applying them for more than 8 years. He strongly believes that, effective communication, provided of course that a team has a substantial level of technical abilities, is the most important succeeding factor in a software project. His interpersonal skills and his innate tendency to act as a facilitator makes him an excellent team builder. Yiannis seeks complex projects and teams with a continuous improvement culture.

He is also acting from time to time as independent agile coach and trainer, helping teams to improve their performance. Yiannis is the founder of Agile Greece (www.agilegreece.org)

Competencies: extensive development experience, interpersonal skills, Agile/Scrum expertise, team building.