Top Recommended AI Articles to Read During Lockdown

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Lockdown in most countries has been adopted in lieu of the pandemic. Perhaps this could be an ideal time to read through some of the best AI articles online.

Perhaps staying home during COVID-19 is not at all a bad idea. Although everything has been impacted due to the pandemic, we can’t deny the fact to acknowledge how lucky we all are to be in the digital world.

With so much spare time, don’t you think this is the right opportunity for those looking to learn new things that can do it through online media? Staying at home during the lockdown could be difficult, especially for aspiring AI professionals looking to find new ways to engage with the latest technology, looking to learn about the new trends and future technological advancements. AI, machine learning, and data science have proven themselves to be the key drivers of tomorrow’s future. Perhaps we all agree to the fact, don’t we? They are truly playing significant roles in our lives.

In such quick-paced advancing times, one could always stay updated with the latest advancements taking place in these fields.

Well, what would be better than taking the help of blogs and articles to consume knowledge and vision toward the tech-enabled world? Don’t you think?

You’re not alone, most of the countries are under lockdown with zero access to the physical world outside. This is your best chance to stay connected through the online world. Therefore, I have compiled some of the best AI articles and data science articles you can read during the quarantine.

Article 1:

Multi Matrix Deep Learning with GPUs

For most data scientists, it is not an easy world out there. Besides dealing with multiple stakeholders, they need to be sure their machine learning models function as they’re trained to have a requisite volume of data. Even more, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is used in such scenarios. It is a powerful chipset having multiple cores facilitating parallel computing of large datasets, therefore, it can be used by AI and machine learning, unlike any other traditional CPUs that deal with the task in a sequence mode.

Key takeaways: As data scientists, AI specialists or AI engineers, you can now learn to become the next-level multitasker.

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Article 2:

How Machine Learning Algorithm Works? A 7-Step Model

Have you ever wondered how do machines teach themselves? Perhaps, this is one of the world’s biggest conundrums with AI. The paradox is: we’ve already reached that stage where machines can teach themselves. Think about sites like Netflix and Amazon or other websites offering recommendations — once the machine learning models have been developed, they will learn based on the user’s behavior.

Most probably, it’s time you move and read further. This article talks about how machine learning algorithms work and they have set some great examples for better understanding.

Key takeaways: Get in-depth knowledge about how Netflix could easily guide you in choosing which show to watch next or how these machine learning uses models to perform the next task.

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Article 3:

Choosing Your First Programming Language for AI: Python and Ruby

You’re looking to get into your first AI job role, but you’re not sure which programming language to choose. It is always a challenge to get your first decision right, however, fret not. This article will tell you exactly what you need to choose as your first programming language.

Key takeaways: Making the right decision in choosing the relevant programming language for your AI career.

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Article 4:

Problem Solving the Easy Way with Machine Learning

Are you new to machine learning? Perhaps you’re already acquainted with machine learning knowingly or unknowingly. This article will give you a basic understanding of what machine learning is and what are the types of machine learning. If you’re still a novice at this or an intermediate learner, this could be an ideal piece to get your machine learning concepts clear.

Key takeaways: An ideal read for novice learners in machine learning.

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Article 5:

The Artificial Intelligence Engineer Career Roadmap — All You Need to Know

There’s a saying that goes, “find a job you love and never work a day in your life.” Sounds fancy, right? At times, this could put a great deal of pressure on the lives of those looking to choose the right career. You may find thousands of advice from people, but what matters the most is choosing what suits you the best. Here’s a guide that can pave a path toward the AI career.

Key takeaways: Finding the right career is no joke, you can count on this AI career path.

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