Virtual Classroom

Join our Virtual Classroom from anywhere in the world

Join as easy as coming to class

Our Virtual classroom consists of attendees in the classroom and attendees joining remotely. We use state-of-the-art technology to bring all together and create a virtual team learning together. Participants can make questions, ask for help and collaborate in groups independently of their physical location

5 simple steps

Our training specialists will be able to help you should you meet any problems through the next simple steps:

Check the requirements of the course you enrolled at and the installation instructions for, our virtual classroom tool.

A few days before the session, you will receive connection details and any instructions for any collaborative tools the course might involve.

15-30 minutes before the session starts, you should connect to the virtual classroom.

During the session, the instructor(s) will share course content with you. You will be able to interact, collaborate and work in groups based on the course syllabus

Make questions and ask for help as easy as in class

Bear in mind

To join our Virtual Classroom, you will need a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection and a set of speakers (or headphones) and microphone. The use of a camera is also advised for maximizing the learning experience of the class.

A lot of our courses are hands-on with online labs. In such cases, we advise the use of a second monitor to allow working on the labs while keeping contact with the rest of the class. Additional software requirements such as specific compatible operating systems, software tool installations for the completion of the course will be either communicated in advance or setup during the course with the help of the instructor(s).