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This is the official World Health Organization app.

This repository is a work in progress and has not yet been medically reviewed. Until the app is ready, the general public should consult the WHO’s COVID-19 website.

To everyone who has jumped in wanting to help: We are humbled at the outpouring of support we have received from all over the world and are eager to have you contribute and apologize that we are still in the early process of figuring out how to manage all the contributions. Please bear with us while we get an initial version out the door and split out into smaller teams working in parallel, when we can then on-board more volunteers. Until then, please keep filing issues, and fill out the volunteer form here and we’ll get back in touch.


In progress mockup

Summary: There is an urgent, global need for an official WHO App to help contain and mitigate COVID-19. The app should support the WHO efforts and be available on a worldwide basis, with information tailored to the user’s location, culture and language. The app should also be sensitive to national needs and respect privacy. Once established, the system can be leveraged to proactively detect, respond early and prevent future pandemics.

The initial focus is on delivering a v1.0:

  • an app for individuals (non-healthcare providers, non-public health people)
  • for Android and iOS
  • across the six WHO languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian
  • that delivers WHO-approved information and advice for the public
  • and offers WHO-approved guidance in response to “What should I do based on my symptoms?”

and exiting this phase with a functioning team and infrastructure to rapidly iterate the app into something far more useful for the current pandemic.

The long term goal is support of the World Health Organization’s mission for global public health.

Key Goals for v1.0:

  • Containment & Mitigation: WHO best practices for protecting communities. Also, demonstrate the ability to update content on the server side and have it reflected in the app.
  • Diagnosis & Triage: self-assessment, self-care & references to guidance from local health resources.
  • Live ASAP: so that we can iterate quickly and improve.
  • Fundamentals: privacy, security, accessibility equivalent to WHO website.
  • Basic Feedback System to inform that rapid iteration and improvement.

We want to get this out and working so we can move on to more significant functionality that will help the public as well as public health authorities.

Key Goals for Next Release

We are assessing the feature roadmap for the next and subsequent releases.



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